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If Marianne Williamson doesn’t become president of the United States, perhaps she could run for office in Westeros.

The Democratic presidential candidate and self-help author doesn’t seem too opposed to the idea, judging from her recent Instagram post in which she is photoshopped into a scene from the HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

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The fundraising post has been liked more than 20,000 times since she put it up on Saturday.

However, the photo is confusing some people because it depicts Williamson as Melisandre, a sorceress who, among other things, convinced a man to burn his own daughter alive.

As usual, Twitter users couldn’t help but discuss what it all means.

Her whole campaign is a giant cosplay.

— John Goldberg (@johnofdog) August 7, 2019

Some people had questions.

So this is the point in her campaign where she sacrifices a child?

— David Stegemeyer (@SeymourDeth) August 7, 2019

Is... She saying she's a several hundred year old priestess of a fire god that demands child sacrifice? Because that's what it looks like...

— a light psychic force (@sberfield) August 7, 2019

Does that make Buttigieg Arya and Trump the Night King?

— C. N. Martin (@C_N_Martin) August 7, 2019

So she burned countless innocent people alive, including one of the sweetest, purest little girls ever? 🤔

— Justice Simone (@JusticeSimone1) August 7, 2019

Is she going to sacrifice one of the other 23 Democratic candidates to The Lord of Light?

— Jay Potts (@World_Of_Hurt) August 7, 2019

Others had advice for Williamson.


— Crystal Sometimes Funny (@CrystalIsOverIt) August 7, 2019

She should remember how the Red Woman wound up. Not a good choice.

— Maureen Sheridan (@mcscajun) August 7, 2019

Some speculated that the reasoning behind the post had nothing to do with the 2020 campaign.

Dumb. Not presidential but might sell some books and seminars which is probably the point of her campaign.

— Sally Dillon (@8fuld) August 7, 2019

Still, at least one person thought the comparison between Williamson and Melisandre was quite appropriate.

Melisandre was def an anti-vaxxer. Vaccines cause grey scale and whatnot...

— Zebulon T. Wookington (@wookspeak) August 7, 2019

HuffPost reached out to Williamson’s campaign, which did not immediately respond.

Meanwhile, she isn’t the only presidential candidate who has tried to piggyback on the popularity of the medieval fantasy series. Back in January, President Donald Trump showed off a “Game of Thrones”-themed poster that read “Sanctions Are Coming” at a Cabinet meeting.



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